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The Group
Vescovini Group,50 years of passion,50 anni
50 years of passion
The Vescovini Group comprises of three main divisions, SBE (Cold Forging Manufacturing), located in Monfalcone, OSD (Hot Forging Manufacturing) situated in Pioltello, and V.AR.VIT. (Distribution), with its headquarters in Reggio Emilia.
At present, the group is one of the major players in the European market of fasteners, screws, nuts, stud and wheel bolts and many other cold forging products such as pins and semifinished for driveline and axles . The range of products, manufactured in Italy by SBE S.p.A and Osd S.p.A, carries an inventory of 12.000 items, mainly targeted to OEM market and partly to Distribution. The Group supply a variety of sectors: automotive, agricultural and earth moving machines, heavy and light commercial vehicles, civil and industrial construction. The versatility and flexibility, which are the attributes of the group and represent its success, enable the end user to source a great variety of products from the same supplier. The stock management system, which is relevant in the European and Global Market, is able to guarantee either the reliability of the industrial process and an efficient and prompt service to customers.

SBE-VARVIT S.p.A. - Via Lazzaretti 2/a 42122 Reggio Emilia, Italia - Tel. +39 0522 5088 - E-mail:,
CF-PI-CC CEE IT 00052160314 - REA RE 225950 - SDI A4707H7 - Cap.Soc. 3.096.000,00 Euro I.V. - S.p.A. a socio unico
Societá soggetta all'attivitá di direzione e coordinamento di Vescovini Group SpA con sede a Reggio Emilia in via Lazzaretti 2/a Iscritta al reg. Imprese di RE al N. 02457950356